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Paris Travel, from Eurostar, Le Shuttle, Ferry services, Airports and Air Travel,By Road, even by coach. All travel links will help you to book as easily as possible. Just use the appropriate links to find what you are looking for, then move on to the next item.


Hotels can be very difficult to chose sometimes, should we stay here or stay there? Do we look for a five star or four star? Or even stay in a caravan or tent somewhere? Links are here to help you with those too. Click the Pics to the right and come on in.

Sightseeing and Attractions

Ok so you’ve arrived in Paris and you have sorted your accommodation out,where to go and what to see are next on the agenda. Within these pages I hope to build up a comprehensive list of attractions, so keep checking back.

Useful Information

Mobile phone roaming charges, Border Agency Allowances, Language services, as well as the pre travel requirements listed above. Lots of useful information plus a lot more to follow soon

Travel Accommodation Sightseeing Extras

You’ll find deals from companies like P&O Ferries, Brittany Ferries, British Airways, Air France, Ebookers, Lastminute, and all readily available as soon as they appear to me.

Paris is only a part of these deals, as said in the previous section, the deals could be for anywhere in the world and it would be unfair of me towards the company that provides them, and also you the public if I didn’t share them with you. So click the button now and see what is available right now. As we move into 2015 we will see the deals pick up, and in the summer there will be loads on here.

From time to Time you will find Special deals, whether it’s Travel, Hotels, any Accommodation whatsoever. These deals are put onto this site maybe just two days before the deal starts or even the very same day. One thing is sure though, I doubt you’ll get a better deal anywhere else on the web. As this site is updated regularly you will need to keep checking back. Some of the deals don’t just refer to Paris, they could be anywhere in the world, we really wouldn’t want you to miss out, although we are geared up for Paris accommodation and Paris travel, deals could be absolutely anywhere, so check out the special offers page soon.

Special Offers


This site has been put together for the Sole purpose of putting everything you require for a successful trip into one place. All services provided herein are provided by the said company who’s advert you happen to click on. With that in mind, we cannot be held responsible for any mishap whatsoever that may occur along the way, we do however wish you all Bon voyage  Should you have any queries or idea’s please write to us using the email link on our contact page. Eurolive

Pre Travel Requirements

Passports Currency EHIC

This section is for your required documentation before you travel, although the EHIC (European Healthcare Insurance Card) is not a requirement it is advisable to register for one before you go, but don’t forget your holiday insurance, that is very important.

There are laws coming into place regarding the charging of all hand luggage technology items like mobile phones, laptops, iPod's, iPads etc. under this new  law  they all need to be charged enough to switch on.  

Insurance Arrondissements Around the Arrondissements Paris Services

                          Paris Services

Postal services, European  Emergency Services, Using the Public Pavements



Language services, Mobile Phone services, OK Border Agencies guide to what can be brought back to the U.K

Going Out

                             Going Out

A look at various attractions in Paris like, The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame, plus many more.

Paris Holidays

                      Paris Bank Holidays

Designed for those who would like to avoid the days when Paris closes it’s doors to everyone.

Sanef 107.7 Radio, Music, French News and Travel News (in French then English)

Keep track of your ferry, also available       as an App

Handy Clothing Size Chart

Offers Eurostar

Eurostar’s very own page

Special Offers can arrive at any time, don't forget to check them out whenever you can . Follow us on Twitter too parislifeorguk . London to Paris 2 hrs, 15 minutes by Eurostar, get away for the new year celebrations . You can now listen to Sanef 107.7 Radio for Traffic updates (in French and English) as well as good music via the link on this page.

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