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Paris stands on the Seine as the capital of France, having been to many places in France from north to south, Paris, stands above and beyond all of the other place’s in France I like to visit. There are many sights to be seen, Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triumphe, Notre Dame, The Louvre, Place De La Concorde, to name but a few. On the day of liberation during WW2 a huge French flag was displayed from the top of the Eiffel Tower by the Free French. It must have been a jubilant day for France itself.

Although there are many tourist and travel sites on here, this one is a little different.

This site is dedicated to Paris, it’s transport links from the UK and all of the information you would ever need. Many of the things that are featured are Just put under the same umbrella so to speak, so I can not be held responsible for anything that may happen to go wrong in any way shape or form. On saying that I hope that people visiting will find this information useful when thinking about booking a trip to Paris. Paris travel, Paris Hotels, Paris sightseeing it’s all here.

 We go back as often as we can and always use this site, we still to this day have yet to have a bad trip, we sort it ourselves and then enjoy our time there.

If all goes according to plan (and so far it is) you will have links to Passports, Maps, Travel services, Hotels, Guesthouses and Caravanning and Campsites, Sightseeing services, and UK travel by Train, Plane and by Road (Coach Services) from Scotland, Wales England and hopefully Ireland too. There is a mobile version of the site too so that when you’re travelling you can still keep an eye on things like Maps and Sightseeing tour operators.

Sometime in the not to distant future Parislife will be joined by it’s sister sites and, so keep an eye out for those.

I have included a currency converter to help with working out how many euro’s you’ll get for your  pound, and also video’s of the Paris Metro so you can get some sort of confidence going to use it before you go. I will hopefully be making a more in depth Metro video next year.

Some services have special offers occasionally so watch out for Offersthose.

Paris is a great place to spend a nice few days and nights. It’s sights include, The Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triumphe..

Paris Life

Paris is just 2 Hours and 15 mins from London via Eurostar, why not check it out. This site is growing on a daily basis, so keep checking back.

   I will also be creating reviews of the hotels we have used since we have been going over there, there that should be interesting. This site is being built up gradually so if you think I have missed out on something please let me know. Click the links at the top and enjoy.

Why not take in a show whilst you are there. The Moulin Rouge (The Red Mill)  and Crazy Horse are just two but among these pages you will find links to many of them.

  Enjoy a drink at the Chat Noir or one of the many cafe/bar’s that Paris has to offer


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This site has been put together for the Sole purpose of putting everything you require for a successful trip into one place. All services provided herein are provided by the said company who’s advert you happen to click on. With that in mind, we cannot be held responsible for any mishap whatsoever that may occur along the way, we do however wish you all Bon voyage  Should you have any queries or idea’s please write to us using the email link on our contact page. Eurolive

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