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Paris Travel, from Eurostar, Le Shuttle, Ferry services, Airports and Air Travel,By Road, even by coach. All travel links will help you to book as easily as possible. Just use the appropriate links to find what you are looking for, then move on to the next item.


Hotels can be very difficult to chose sometimes, should we stay here or stay there? Do we look for a five star or four star? Or even stay in a caravan or tent somewhere? Links are here to help you with those too.Click the Pics to the right and come on in.

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Ok so you’ve arrived in Paris and you have sorted your accommodation out,where to go and what to see are next on the agenda. Within these pages I hope to build up a comprehensive list of attractions, so keep checking back.

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Also to be included in this site will be things like , Paris Car Hire, Paris Taxi’s, Buses, Metro, Holiday Insurance, European Health card, Paris public holidays, Terminals in the UK and in Paris. Click the Pics to the right and come on in.

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You’ll find deals from companies like P&O Ferries, Brittany Ferries, British Airways, Air France, Ebookers, Lastminute, and all readily available as soon as they appear to me.

Paris is only a part of these deals, as said in the previous section, the deals could be for anywhere in the world and it would be unfair of me towards the company that provides them, and also you the public if I didn’t share them with you. So ckick the button now and see what is available.


From time to Time you will find Special deals, whether it’s Travel, Hotels, any Accommodation whatsoever. These deals are put onto this site maybe just two days before the deal starts or even the very same day. One thing is sure though, I doubt you’ll get a better deal anywhere else on the web. As this site is updated regularly you will need to keep checking back. Some of the deals don’t just refer to Paris, they could be anywhere in the world, although we are geared up for Paris accommodation and Paris travel, deals could be absolutely anywhere, so check out the special offers page soon.

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This site is designed to help the British traveller heading to Paris, it’s aim is to encapsulate all of the requirements for a successful trip to the French capital. Using this site you eradicate the need to go backwards and forwards between pages and pages of Google ad’s, You can find many major companies offering special deals from time to time right here and are extremely competitive. So if you’re looking for Rail, Air or Ferry crossings they are all right here in the travel section, After you have your travel booked you will require accommodation, there are Hotel, Camping, Caravanning, and even Hostel Links all within the Accommodation section.

              There is also a mobile website for use when you are on the go, Let’s say you are in Paris and require a metro Map to get you around, rather than keep one in your hand or in another pocket you can use the Mobile site, all links to maps are on the Homepage for ease of access. Eurolive which owns is working towards two new sites in the not to distant future too, and So watch out for those.

              Paris is a very lively and vibrant city with thousands of people from all over the world visiting each year, it is a totally different life from rural France and even the other big cities, one thing is certain though, if you do not attempt to try to use a little French over there they do have a tendency to be less communicative to the foreign visitors than say Lille.  My advice is get a phrase book or even a language course and learn a little before you go, certainly where shopping and eating are concerned. I am not trying to put anybody off believe me, Paris is a great City to visit for all ages and well worth a visit anytime.

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Notre Dame (Our Lady) one of the many picturesque sights that Paris has to offer. (Not spotlights on it just the Sunlight at sunset)

Bois De Vincennes.

One of the loveliest parks in Paris



This site has been put together for the Sole purpose of putting everything you require for a successful trip into one place. All services provided herein are provided by the said company who’s advert you happen to click on. With that in mind, we cannot be held responsible for any mishap whatsoever that may occur along the way, we do however wish you all Bon voyage  Should you have any queries or idea’s please write to us using the email link on our contact page. Eurolive

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